prize of BRL 6.5 million can be released today (8/27/21)

O accumulated prize of BRL 6.5 million Mega-Sena contest 2404 can go out this Saturday, August 28th, if a player manages to hit the six tens. The draw is scheduled to start at 8 pm (Brasilia time) at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in São Paulo.

According to Lotteries Caixa, with the prize pool of the contest, the winner can buy 50 cars worth R$130,000 each. But if the lucky or lucky one prefers to apply the amount in the savings, in the first month, the return will be R$ 19,500.

How to bet on Mega-Sena 2404?

The Mega-Sena steering wheel is composed of 60 tens and the player can score from six to 15, manually or randomly – by the system. A single bet with six numbers costs R$4.50, but if you have more numbers, in this scenario, the value can reach R$22,500.

The probability of a person winning the Mega-Sena Contest 2404 jackpot by hitting the six tens with the single game is one in over 50 million. But the modality also awards bets that match five and four numbers and, in these ranges, the chance increases to, respectively, 154.5 thousand and 2.3 thousand.

Bets are sold at lottery outlets and electronic channels: Loterias Caixa application and on the website (

How does the pool work?

To have more chances of getting the maximum prize, it is possible to participate in the Mega-Sena contest 2404. To compete, the minimum amount is R$ 10.00 and each quota cannot cost less than R$ 5.00.

The minimum is two odds and the maximum is 100 – depending on the amount of numbers selected on the wheel. The player can select the dozens of the Mega-Sena contest 2404 or ask the lottery attendant to choose the system.

  • six numbers, the minimum is two and the maximum is nine shares;
  • seven numbers, the minimum of is two and the maximum of 63 shares;
  • From eight to 15 numbers, the minimum is two and the maximum is 100 shares;

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