“Pyong focused a lot on the alliances and forgot the one on his finger”, pins Lucas Selfie – RecordTV

Since the debut of Island Record, Antonela and Pyong Lee identified themselves. With the acquaintance, the pair got closer and closer and formed an alliance in the game.

How it all began

The friendship grew stronger over the days. So much so that the Argentine decided to open her heart and declare herself to Pyong.

In the bedroom, with the lights off, Antonela went to Pyong’s bed and tried to kiss him. The artist refused, but several unsuccessful attempts were made.


It didn’t take long for the subject to become the target of criticism among the reality show’s cast.

In the bedroom, Antonela and Pyong shared the same bed, holding hands and exchanging compliments. You explorers saw the scene live and in color. Of course they commented on everything!

“I’ll tell you something. Pure gossip. If my wife saw me lying in a bed with another woman, she would kill me,” said Dinei.

“My boyfriend breaks up with me,” Mirella declared.

“I wouldn’t like it either. It seems like he doesn’t want to continue with his wife [Pyong]”, agreed Any.

Valesca also decided to take a stand. The singer said that, several times, she saw Pyong looking Antonela up and down.


At first, the Exiles just watched everything, but decided to give their opinion

“If she [Antonela] come here [Exílio], I’m going to pull her ear yes. Because he [Pyong] he has a big ring on his finger. Respect on both sides is due,” criticized Thomaz.

The actor did not stop there. Thomaz also stated that, when dating, he would never do that kind of thing, much less married.

Lucas Selfie took advantage of the moment to snipe the pair: “I think Pyong focused too much on the game’s alliances and forgot the main one. The one on his finger,” he said.

To finish the matter, it was Claudinho’s turn: “It’s clear. Something is going on between Antonela and Pyong.”

Survival Challenge

Last Thursday (26), Antonela and Pyong faced each other in the Evidence Arena.

Pyong Lee won the Survival Challenge and stays in the Village. Argentina, on the other hand, goes into exile.

Now, the duo follows opposite paths in Island Record. Will the gaming alliance remain? Keep watching!

The reality show airs from Monday to Friday, starting at 10:45 pm; and on Saturdays, at 11 pm, on the screen of Record TV.

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