Pyong Lee goes to bed with Antonella again and Record shows everything the two did: “We stayed”

Island Record
Pyong Lee went to the duvet again (Images: Playback – Instagram – PlayPlus / Editing – RD1)

the comings of Pyong Lee under the duvet with Antonela Avellaneda are already becoming routine in the Island Record and, once again, the scene was repeated, with the right to a speech about the wife he left out here, Sammy Lee.

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In the new images that aired this week, he emerged saying that his wife could be jealous of his exchange of affection inside, since the two are allies and did not hesitate to stay close all the time.

Internet users, of course, were disgusted with the images and detonated the attitude of youtuber, whose marriage ended precisely because of these attitudes within confinement.

By the time the images were released, Sammy Lee had started to cry. He and his partner had been close since the start of the confinement, but had almost gone overboard after several drinks at a party.

In a private statement, Antonela confessed that something was going on with the hypnotist, but without being very clear in her report:

We kept playing, sweating, I don’t know… I don’t know what’s going on. He’s super considerate to me and I feel like he’s jealous when someone comes and I’m jealous too

Rodrigo Carelli, who directs the program, announced that he will air the entire scene on Monday (16): “Second, there’s the most awaited comforter from Ilha Record! Unmissable”.

Although Pyong called the Argentine woman to lie down with him and even put a cloth over their faces, face to face, it is still not possible to conclude what actually happened.

Sammy saw the scene of the alleged betrayal and appeared crying in Stories on Instagram, shortly after confirming the end of her marriage to the ex-BBB, with whom she even has a small child:

There are no words to describe how much I want to get through this. I don’t know what to do so my son doesn’t feel my pain. I don’t know how this will affect you in the future. I’m sorry, son! From the depths of my soul and my heart. I would give my life for you to be the happiest person in the world”.

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