Ramon Lima praises Corinthians fans and highlights the club’s project for the base

After a year and a half without official commitments, the Corinthians U-15 will return to action. This Saturday, Timãozinho will face Guarani, at nine in the morning, in a match valid for the first round of the Brasileirão U-15.

In addition to an almost entirely renewed cast, Timão will also have news in the reserve bank. Ramon Lima, recently hired from Flamengo, will start his work as coach of the Corinthians Under-15 category. He takes over from Carlos Leiria, who left Corinthians for Panama, where he now coaches San Francisco FC.

In an exclusive conversation with the My Timon, Ramon detailed his style of play, and assured that he prioritizes the individual training of athletes.

Coach Ramon’s style is well played football, above all, to be able to form great teams, great players, smart players, players who can solve the problems that the game brings us. Regardless of the context, a smart player will be able to solve these problems. And football, above all, of imposition, of controlling the game, whether through possession or submission, but let us be the protagonists of this game” explained, to the My Timon

The new coach of Timão will have in his hands one of the most famous squads of the category in the country. After all, Corinthians is the team with the most representatives in the recent lists of calls for the Brazilian Under-15 team.

Ramon also detailed his goals for the season and highlighted the base project proposed by Carlos Brazil, manager of the lower categories of Timão. Read the full interview below!

See the exclusive interview with Ramon Lima, coach of Corinthians U-15

About game style. What are your ideas and biggest inspirations as a coach?

“Coach Ramon’s style is that of well-played football, above all, of being able to form great teams, great players, smart players, players who can solve the problems that the game brings us. Regardless of the context, a smart player will succeed solving these problems and football, above all, of imposition, of controlling the game, whether through possession or finishing, but let us be protagonists in this game.

It’s the style I admire, and I identify with coaches who also seek this style of football, pressure marking, having the ball all the time but with offensive football goals above all, but seeking balance at all times “

You come from a long work at Flamengo, where you went through all the youth categories. What experiences do you bring from there?

“About my last experiences, I believe that everything will add up, both in my personal and professional life. Wherever I went, I certainly sought to evolve in different aspects, in different views, and I am aware of where I am.

A new history, a new cycle has to be built, and I will try to adapt to the culture, to the history of the club. Doing my best within the context I’m in, which is a massive crowd club, of a passionate crowd, and I have to understand that and adapt as quickly as possible.”

What are the main focuses of an Under-15 coach. Is the focus more individual than collective?

“I think it’s a very important category for a transition, both in the training module for high performance, as a transition of human development, of the adolescent, it’s a very sensitive phase.

I really believe in the question of technical capacity, which has to be developed, this is perhaps even more aggravating now, for the period they spent at a standstill, without competition, without games, without training. It has to be very well developed, but I believe that the balance of everything, what changes from one category to another is the emphasis. Perhaps the emphasis on the Under-20, on collective tactics, will be greater than on the 15, but this content will also exist here. I think what goes from one category to another is simply the emphasis.

How is the players’ rhythm recovery job after so long without games?

“This process in the U-15 has been interesting, all this preparation, and this last month of preparation for the São Paulo Championship, we try to control their anxiety. It’s been a year and a half, almost two years, without official competition, but that happened for everyone, it wasn’t just for us, we tried to build collectively, the day-to-day life has been very nice, the boys are well disciplined, very attentive to what we’re trying to convey to them. best possible, the process, the rise of a player or not, and we have to face it naturally, hoping to make a great debut in this Paulista”

Corinthians is the one with the most squad for the Under-15 team. Is it an above average cast?

“About the competition, and the calls, I think this is an interesting guide. But what we think is that, in every youth category, the objective is to train players. In my U-15 context, it is to try to make the transition from the largest number of players to youth, but we understand that at Corinthians we always have to seek titles, players need this awareness, due to the size and grandeur of the club. So we cannot think differently, any competition that we do compete, we have to fight for the title”

How was the base project presented to you? What convinced you to take over the club?

“I came in the management of Carlos Brazil, I think there is nothing more charming than this, working alongside an extremely qualified manager, recognized nationally, so that was a great attraction. Another, not least important, was the Corinthians fans, the greatness of the club, a mass club, and the professionals who are here in my daily life and it has been very nice, very large professional growth, I hope to enjoy it in the best way possible”

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