Randon creates company to produce niobium nanoparticles – Money Times

In addition, Randon will invest approximately R$ 10 million in the new company

THE Randon (RAPT4) approved the large-scale production of niobium nanoparticles developed from a scientific study carried out by the Randon Technological Center, shows a relevant fact sent to the market this Friday (27).

To this end, the company intends to create a new subsidiary (“NewCo”), whose direct partner will be the Randon Technology Center, with 100% of the shares of its capital, being 55% owned by Randon and the remaining 45% by Fras-Le (FRAS3).

In addition, Randon will invest approximately R$ 10 million in the new company.

The agreement also includes the signing of a license agreement for the patent application and know-how between Fras-le, owner of the patent application, and the new company, as royalties, in accordance with market practices.

“The technological solution object of the patent will be applied by the new company, whose operation aims to broaden the focus, dedicate resources and speed up research and applications, including outside Randon’s operations”, he informs.

The new technology will be used in the production process of an input that enhances the properties of other materials, providing greater durability, mechanical resistance and significantly altering its physicochemical characteristics.

“Initially, the application in the automotive industry is foreseen, being able to be extended to other industrial segments”, he completes.

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