Rayssa and Pâmela guarantee a spot in the decision of the 1st stage of the street skate world championship; Bufoni stays out – Sports

Rayssa Leal and pink pamela qualified for the final of the first stage of the SLS, World Skate Street League, held in Salt Lake City, United States. The other two Brazilians in the dispute, Letícia Bufoni and Marina Gabriela, didn’t get a place and stayed by the way in the preliminary round, held this afternoon.

Lavish talent, Rayssa, silver medalist in the Tokyo Olympic Games, performed great maneuvers and secured the decision with the second highest score among the competitors (17.7). Pamela was fifth, with 13.4 points, and placed among the top eight in the tournament.

18 athletes were divided into two heats so that the eight classified were known. In a similar format to the Olympics, each skater was able to perform a 45-second lap, and then four tricks to form the final score. Rookie Maria Gabriela was the first to crash on the track, receiving 2.2 from the judges on her first attempt. Despite the beautiful flip in the last maneuver, which earned the paulista 5.4 points, she failed to qualify among the eight.

In the second heat, Brazil had Rayssa, Pâmela and Letícia in the fight. Tournament winner in Paris a week ago made a good lap of 3.6 points, but made mistakes in the last two maneuvers and finished the preliminary in tenth. Rayssa performed impressively and earned a 6.0 on the opening lap. Pamela got 3.6.

In the maneuvers, Fadinha accumulated 5.8 and 5.9 in a row and guaranteed the decision. The world champion in 2019 was less spectacular, but got a spot in the final with 4.2, 5.6 and 3.0 grades, adding up to 13.4.

The bronze medal in Tokyo, Funa Nakayama, registered the highest sum of the first day, still in the first heat, with 18.3 points. Momji Nishiya, champion of the sport’s debut competition in the Olympics, closed the preliminaries in fourth (14.1).

The women’s final is scheduled for this Saturday at 5:30 pm. Before that, Kelvin Hoefler, silver in Japan, Felipe Gustavo, Luan Oliveira, Tiago Lemos, Lucas Rabelo and Filipe Mota try to qualify for the men’s decision, scheduled for 7pm this Friday.