Rebelde has first cast image released by Netflix; check out

Netflix released the first image of the cast of the new version of Rebelde, a Mexican soap opera that will become a series. The cast was photographed together and appeared in Tudum’s trailer last Wednesday (25). The plot will feature the presence of Brazilian Giovanna Grigio and the premiere is scheduled for 2022.

In addition to Giovanna, Rebelde will have actors Azul Guaita, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jeronimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Lizeth Selene and Alejandro Puente as protagonists. As in the soap opera, the remake will follow the story of Rebelde Way and the formation of the musical group RBD should happen.

In March, Netflix announced the press reboot through a student acceptance letter. “Welcome to the Elite Way School! EWS distinguishes itself from other schools for its students, young people ready to conquer the world. In our corridors idols grew that made millions of people sing”, the document said.

“And our classrooms were the stage for stars preparing for their next hits. Today, the management is proud to present the new generation of young people who will be part of our institution in the 2022 school cycle”, followed the letter.

The character Celina Ferrer, who suffered bullying and eating disorders in the first version of the Latin soap opera, is the one who signed the letter as the school’s principal. All episodes from season one have already been recorded. The series will be one of the main bets of the streaming company in 2022, as Rebelde has millions of fans around the world.

Rebelde has first cast image released by Netflix;  check out
Cast image of Rebelde’s new version

rebel in Brazil

Rebelde aired on SBT for the first time in 2005 and had 422 chapters aired, ending with an overall average of 9.4 points. But there were moments of high, reaching an average of 17 points in some moments that was on the air. The band RBD won a legion of fans and gathered thousands of people in concerts held in Brazil.

With the success of the Mexican version, Televisa closed an agreement with Record and Bishop Edir Macedo’s station carried out a Brazilian remake. The national production did not achieve the same performance as the original plot, but it also attracted many supporters.