Roger Guedes intrigues with numberless shirt

Corinthians announced Roger Guedes last Friday afternoon and on the same day he was at Parque São Jorge to sign a contract and wear the white mantle for the first time. However, one detail caught our attention: the shirt had no numbering, breaking the expectation that he would wear a 10, which could mean that the club is waiting for another owner to use that number.

And this owner, the Corinthians fans, knows who he is: Willian, who currently belongs to Arsenal, from England, and who is trying to look for another club to pursue his career. One of the candidates is Timão, who has already presented the conditions for the midfielder and his fatigue, and now awaits a positive response until next Monday, when the transfer window closes.

Negotiation is not easy, mainly due to the financial issue, since the amount the player received in England is practically four times higher than Corinthians’ salary cap. Even so, the club remains optimistic about convincing Filho do Terrão to return home at this time, whether terminating the contract with the Gunners or coming on a loan with a division of wages.

Roger Guedes poses with an unnumbered shirt next to Corinthians president Duilio Alves - Reproduction/Stories/Instagram/Corinthians - Reproduction/Stories/Instagram/Corinthians

Roger Guedes poses in an unnumbered jersey alongside Corinthians president Duilio Alves

Image: Reproduction/Stories/Instagram/Corinthians

Because of these and others, the shirt 10 has not yet been given to Roger Guedes, who had been appointed as the new owner of this traditional number, which ended up not being realized, at least for the time being. It is worth remembering that in 2007, when he left Parque São Jorge to go to Shakhtar Donetsk, in Ukraine, Willian was the 10th Corinthians fan, and now he would take back what was once his.

Officially, the club will not comment on this, as the negotiation to repatriate the midfielder is handled with extreme caution not to put false expectations in the crowd, but the suspense about Roger’s shirt number does have to do with waiting for the arrival of William. If he doesn’t get signed, likely 10 will be for ex-Shandon Luneng striker.

In addition to 10, 9 is vacant among those that are part of the traditional numbering of attacking men. However, it is not guaranteed that Roger will have 9. Therefore, the suspense should continue until next week, when the window will be closed and Corinthians will present their new player with their new number. Another soap opera for fans to follow.