Sarah Andrade participates in Israel and Rodolfo’s video and receives praise

Former BBC and digital influencer Sarah Andrade, aged 30, is the protagonist of the new video by the duo Israel and Rodolffo.

Playing her first role in a major production, the marketing consultant was praised for her performance in the video for the song ‘Melhor Que Muita Gente’, which the artists have just released. The song is part of the deluxe version, with new tracks from the album ‘Aqui e Agora’.

“It was an amazing experience that I would like to repeat more often. I think I did well in front of the cameras, despite the butterflies in my stomach to launch a national production,” said the blonde during the release live.

Sarah’s performance in recording the video, which lasted more than 10 hours, caught the attention of the musicians. “She is wonderful and had a very professional performance that surprised everyone,” said Israel. In the production, Sarah plays the role of a woman investigated for stealing hearts and there is an atmosphere between her and the detective.

During the live broadcast, while answering questions from fans, Rodolffo asked if her fellow inmate at BBB21 didn’t dream of having a career in television, and she revealed that the possibility exists: “I really enjoyed my participation and who knows, in I can dream of a future, with a lot of study and dedication. It’s one more front of my career that I want to pursue.”