Secret Truths: Angel will be introduced to Book Rosa this Friday (27)

The rerun of the soap opera Verdades Secretas has given people talk and this Friday’s episode (27) marks a turning point in the plot: Angel will be introduced to Book Rosa, a luxury prostitution scheme that involves young models.

Last Thursday (26), the character of Camila Queiroz became Angel and left her past as a humble and naive girl from the countryside behind. After disobeying his mother, Angel went to the club at Giovanna’s (Agatha Moreira) house and lost his virginity to Guilherme (Gabriel Leone).

This Friday (27), Angel gets an earful from his mother, Carolina (Drica Moraes), for going to the party and coming back so late. Giovanna, who is scolded by her mother for having given a super party at the mansion, also gets an ‘ear tug’.

Fanny (Marieta Severo), owner of the modeling agency, decides that Angel will be the new model for Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) brand. The news soon spreads and reaches Giovanna, who is jealous of her classmate.

After being hired, Angel holds her first modeling event and is introduced to Book Rosa by Fanny. She has her first date with a businessman, but ends up running away after thinking about Guilherme, with whom she is in love.