Security of pro and anti Bolsonaro acts on the 7th puts pressure on government

Despite the opposition of the São Paulo government, social movements aligned to the left confirmed a demonstration against Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in Vale do Anhangabaú, in the center of the capital, for September 7, the same date that supporters of the president take to the streets defend it on Avenida Paulista.

Only 4 kilometers will separate the two events scheduled for the afternoon of next Tuesday, which has worried authorities and experts by the risk of confrontation between the groups – especially in the region of Rua da Consolação, which links both locations.

It won’t be the first time that two antagonistic demonstrations take place on the same day, but the tension this time is greater given the risk of people being armed in the act in favor of Bolsonaro.

Reserve military police officers who will be off duty have organized themselves to attend the demonstration, which defends anti-democratic agendas such as the closing of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) and military intervention. João Doria (PSDB) himself, in a meeting with other governors, pointed out that the “pocketarista militia” was encouraging people to take to the streets armed on the seventh day.

Doria claims to have followed a relay system that allowed Paulista to be reserved for the president’s supporters, but he is opposed to carrying out another act against the president on the same date, even if in a different location.

The determination of the Secretariat of Public Security was not to authorize antagonistic acts on the same day — in my view, rightly so. It makes no sense. We are already living in a climate of horrible tension, with a denial, authoritarian president who flirts with the military dictatorship.”
João Doria

On public agenda this morning in Cotia, Doria defended a new date for opposition protests. “It was established that the 7th is for those who defend Bolsonaro — it’s difficult to defend Bolsonaro, but anyway. And the 12th is for those who are against. Democracy is that, it’s the right and respect for demonstrations. And we respect , but safely and protecting people’s lives,” concluded the governor.

Organized by fronts and social movements, the Fora Bolsonaro movement rejects the position of the São Paulo president. At a meeting, the group chose not to join the fight for Avenida Paulista, but confirmed that it will hold an event on the same day in Vale do Anhangabaú.

The coordination of the #ForaBolsonaro Act and the Cry of the Excluded reiterates that it does not know and that it was never discussed, at any time, the agenda for September 12th disclosed by Governor João Doria. Such a comment only makes evident his political movement for his own benefit.”
Note from the organization of the Cry of the Excluded

The group’s main argument is that it is not up to the state to decide whether or not to hold a demonstration. In addition, the organizers claim that they spoke with representatives of the city of São Paulo, who would not have questioned the holding of the demonstration.

Also according to organizers of the event, if there was a relay system, it would be the turn of opposition social movements, not Bolsonaro supporters. According to them, the demonstrators in favor of Bolsonaro carried out an act on August 1st, which would already give the left turn for the right to occupy the avenue.

The suggestion of holding the demonstration on September 12 was also rejected, as the protest on that day will be against Bolsonaro, but organized by movements from the political spectrum to the far right, such as the MBL (Movimento Brasil Livre) and Vem Pra Rua .

“[A posição de Doria] it even goes against the wishes of a large portion of society, which disapproves of the social and economic situation that the country and the State of São Paulo are going through in these times of economic crisis and pandemic,” argued the organization in a statement.

On the day of the event, the protesters’ idea is to stay only in the Anhangabaú Valley, without walking towards Paulista or any other location, which would reduce the chance of confrontation between the two groups.

“The answer [ao governador] is that the event will take place in Anhangabaú. We had a meeting yesterday with several entities and we decided that we will do it. We have this right and duty to communicate. We expect the governor to do his duty [garantindo segurança]”, said Juliana Donato, leader of the PSOL and the Frente Povo Sem Fedo, in a press conference held yesterday at the Union of Bank Workers, in downtown São Paulo.

The president of the CMP, Raimundo Oliveira, stated that the PM has already been informed of the demonstration. “We made the negotiations with the city hall of São Paulo and there is no objection on the part of the city hall. We assumed the commitment and communicated to the PM that the act was carried out on the 7th,” he said.

Although the governor himself toucan denies carrying out the act against Bolsonaro, the PSDB municipal directorate in São Paulo confirmed its participation in the day.

To UOL, the municipal president, Fernando Alfredo, stated that he has not yet spoken with the governor, but confirmed the participation of toucans from São Paulo in the demonstration.

The Municipal Directory [do PSDB] closed the question to participate in all the acts outside Bolsonaro and in favor of life and democracy.”
Fernando Alfredo, PSDB municipal president

In a statement, the Secretariat of Public Security opposed the performance of the act: “The Secretariat of Public Security, due to the high potential for conflicts between antagonistic groups and the risk to the physical integrity of demonstrators and the people, takes a stand against the performance of acts simultaneous events in the city of São Paulo on September 7. The orientation is that the demonstrations should take place alternately on September 7 and 12. The police forces will act on both dates to guarantee the safety and rights of all.”

O UOL questioned the state government and the security secretariat if the PM will protect the two events at the same time, as the group against Bolsonaro says it will not reschedule the date. The story will be updated if there is a response.

The report also awaits positioning since yesterday from the city of São Paulo and the mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB). The head of the civil house of municipal administration, Ricardo Tripoli, was also contacted, but did not respond until the publication of this report.