Sérgio Reis takes an unusual attitude after threatening the STF

Sergio Reis
Sérgio Reis guaranteed that he will not go to demonstrations (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Sergio Reis decided to change the tone of his speeches and backed off from attacks on ministers of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) in testimony given to the Federal Police this week. The newspaper O Globo released details of the conversation with investigators, which took place by videoconference.

At the time, the famous man was directly from the hospital where he has been hospitalized since Tuesday (24). In his testimony, the singer also denied participating in an anti-democratic movement that attacks institutions.

Last week, it is worth remembering, Sérgio Reis became the target of a Federal Police investigation due to a leaked audio. “If in 30 days they don’t take the guys out, we’re going to invade, break everything and take the guys out. Ready. That’s how it’s going to be. And the thing is serious”, he said in conversation with a friend who went public.

The newspaper O Globo pointed out that sources accompanying the investigation reported that the countryman stressed to the police that he had no intention of attacking the STF ministers. To justify himself, he would have said that he personally knows minister Luís Roberto Barroso.

Sought by the newspaper, the singer’s lawyer, Marcos Montemor, said he could not comment on the case because the investigation is proceeding under secrecy.

Last weekend, in an interview with Domingo Espetacular, Sérgio said he was sad and his health was shaken due to the episode, and apologized:

“I messed up, man, who doesn’t, who doesn’t do something stupid one day? I don’t regret anything, just that unfortunate phrase I played with a friend and leaked, but it’s not reality. […] I want to redeem myself with these people, sorry. to the supreme [Tribunal Federal], if you have any request to arrest me, I accept it with respect”.

“I didn’t leave here, I didn’t hide. If at 6 am the Federal Police comes here at home, I surrender. […] I’m democratic, I’m good, I’m love”, said Sérgio Reis, who appeared in the interview bedridden.

The artist again called the person who would have leaked the content “a friend of the jaguar” and assured him that he regrets what he said in the video.

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