‘Show of the Famous 2021’: Meet the New Season Cast | Sunday with Huck

Under the command of Luciano Huck, artists will honor great musical talents on the program’s stage and will be evaluated by the panel of judges.

And, from now on, you will discover the names of the members of this cast that will brighten up Sunday afternoons with the mission to resemble the chosen singers in voice, image and gestures.

They will be divided into three groups 👇


Fiuk — Photo: João Cotta/Globo

Gloria Groove rocks with her extravagant look — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Margareth Menezes — Photo: Fábio Rocha/Globo

Thiago Arancam — Photo: Ramón Vasconcelos/Globo

Vitor Kley — Photo: Fábio Rocha/Globo

Wanessa Camargo — Photo: Reproduction

Diego Hypolito — Photo: Paulo Belote/Globo

Mariana Rios — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Robson Nunes — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Luciano Huck debuts with ‘Domingão com Huck’ on September 5th and, in addition to the “Show dos Famosos”, will command new episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. The objective of the participants who challenge themselves on the board is to get the highest number of answers right and advance through the stages of the game in search of the maximum prize of R$ 1 million.

The program will also have special materials that will tell the life stories of Brazilians, discovered by the presenter, in the most varied places in the country.

“Domingão com Huck” debuts on September 5, after Brazil and Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers. The program is presented by Luciano Huck, artistic direction by Hélio Vargas and general direction by Clarissa Lopes.