Show of the Famous: Meet the participants of the new season of the talent show!

Luciano Huck’s debut on “Domingão“, scheduled for September 5th, is shortly there. As we mentioned here, the presenter will “inherit” some of the program’s attractions that were already shown when Faustão was in charge. Among them is the “Show of the Famous”, which had its list of participants released this Friday (27).

Nine artists were selected for the competition and promise to rock the stage with beautiful performances to honor singers of all eras. As was done in other editions, throughout the season they will need to show singing, dancing and gestural skills during presentations in order to impress the jury and the public. The idea is for everyone to have the feeling that they are seeing the “original musicians” in person. Competitors were divided into three groups: A, B and C.



Old acquaintance of the “plim plim”, the artist was part of the last edition of “Big Brother Brasil”, starred in soap operas such as “Malhação” and “A Força do Querer”, and now will use all the experience he acquired in his musical career to enter the game with everything.

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Fiuk. Photo: Fabio Rocha/TV Globo
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Gloria Groove

One of the main names in pop music in Brazil today, the drag queen has been getting one hit after another in the charts. On the web, their versions of songs by other artists are always successful on social networks. More recently, she was noticed by singer HER for her “Presente do Céu”, Brazilian version of the anthem “Best Part”, recorded with Thiaguinho.

Gloria Groove. Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Margareth Menezes

The singer from Bahia needs no introduction, isn’t it?! A great star of the Bahian carnival, the artist has several songs carved into the history of our culture. And in addition, Margareth has already played characters on TV and in the movies, such as policewoman Pimenta in “O Canto da Sereia”.

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Margareth Menezes. Photo: Fábio Rocha/TV Globo


Thiago Arancam

For fans of great musicals and operas, Thiago Arancam has been a known — and beloved — figure for a long time. In 2018, he starred in the classic “The Phantom of the Opera”, he holds a bachelor’s degree in classical singing, a degree in opera singing and has performed in over 40 countries.

Thiago Arancam Rv
Thiago Arancam. Photo: Ramón Vasconcelos/TV Globo
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Victor Kley

Three years ago, it was practically impossible to tune into a radio station and not listen to “O Sol”, a single that projected Vitor Kley to the entire country. Now, he already collects several successful partnerships with other artists, such as Vitão, Anavitória and Samuel Rosa, and celebrates a project aimed at children, called “Menino Sol”.

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Victor Kley. Photo: Fábio Rocha/TV Globo

Wanessa Camargo

Good daughter to the house makes it! On TV Globo, Wanessa Camargo has already hosted the now extinct program “Jovens Tardes” and made countless appearances in the house’s attractions. Last year, the singer celebrated 20 years of her career with the release of the album “Universo Invertido”.

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Wanessa Camargo. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


Diego Hypólito

Probably one of the most unlikely names on the list, Diego Hypólito has already made history in Brazilian sports, and in 2016 he became an Olympic medalist in Rio de Janeiro. In 2019, the athlete launched himself as a singer claiming that it was an old passion in his life, and even presented the single “Tanto Faz” on TV shows.

Diego Hypólito. Photo: Publicity/TV Globo
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Mariana Rios

The actress, singer, writer and presenter is another well-known participant within the Rio station. The girl from Minas already had great prominence in the company acting in soap operas and running programs, and now she will be able to show all her vocal talent. This year, she released the EP “Basta Sentir Deus”.

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Mariana Rios. Photo: Raquel Cunha/TV Globo

Robson Nunes

Robson collects some roles in the network’s soap operas, and in the 2000s he ran the children’s program “Zapping Zone”, on the Disney Channel. Like Babu Santana, the artist put on a show on the big screen by playing Tim Maia in the 2014 biopic.

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Robson Nunes. Photo: Paulo Belote/TV Globo