Silvio Santos is targeted by the Ministry of Justice after a series of controversies on SBT

Silvio Santos Program
Silvio Santos program receives new indicative classification (Image: Reproduction / SBT)

O Justice ministry changed the indicative classification of Silvio Santos Program. Thirteen years ago, the attraction was rated as “not recommended for children under ten”, but this changed after an ordinance edited by the folder.

The Indicative Policy Coordination changed the program’s classification to “not recommended for children under twelve”. The previous warning was in effect since 2008.

According to information from the newspaper O Globo, the modification of the ordinance was made after “Trends of violent act (12 years), verbal aggression (12 years), stigma/prejudice (14 years), foul language (12 years), sexual content language (12 years), among others, aggravated by frequency and relevance”.

Before the decision, the São Paulo channel was notified and it asked the Indicative Policy Coordination to change it accordingly. In addition to the reclassification, the Ministry of Justice issued another recommendation: the exhibition of the Silvio Santos Program “from 8 pm when shown on open TV”.

After 19 months, the Silvio Santos Program returned with unpublished programs and several pearls from its presenter. In the program, he called his grandson Tiago Abravanel “dumb” for an alleged marketing mistake.

It all started because of the clothes he used for the recording, a pair of pajamas made by the heir. “These clothes here, in the United States and in Europe, people wear on the street, they go to the market. Here in Brazil it cannot. And my grandson was stupid, he decided to call this pajamas, Tijama [nome da marca]. You can even be in uniform, but if you said it’s pajamas, no one wears it anymore”, commented.

The veteran also recalled a conversation he had with the participant of the Super Dança dos Famosos, from Globo, on the topic: “I told him: ‘What is Tijama?’ If I were in another country, I would go anywhere”.

One more

On air after 6:20 pm, the soap opera Amores Verdadeiros, starring Eiza González, Sebastián Rulli and Erika Buenfil, was reclassified as not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

The Ministry of Justice understood that True Love was produced with scenes from “violence, legal drugs and sexual content, with recommendation to be shown from 9 pm”.

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