Singer Naiara Azevedo rocks Leo Dias: ‘I’ve always felt so sorry for you’

After Leo Dias announced the end of the marriage of singer Naiara Azevedo this Friday morning (27), the artist detonated the columnist on social networks. In the recorded videos, the sertaneja revealed that, unlike other famous people, she is not afraid of the journalist, but rather sorry. Leo Dias did not remain silent and countered Naiara’s lines in his column in Metrópoles.

“I got a screenshot of a post Leo Dias made. I wanted to talk about it in person, Leo, but since you like to expose people on your networks, I’ll use mine to talk to you. First: I’ve always felt so sorry for you . It must be very difficult to be a person hated by everyone,” Naiara began.

The singer also stated that the famous who collaborate with the columnist, do this out of fear: “You can be sure that the vast majority is only on your side out of fear. Afraid you’ll speak ill of them, but I’m not afraid of you. The only fear I have on earth is God.”

Leo Dias hits Naiara

After the repercussion, the singer deleted all the stories in which she spoke ill of Leo Dias. The journalist, on the other hand, made a point of echoing the sertaneja’s lines in his column. With the title “Naiara being Naiara: she says she feels sorry for this columnist, changes her mind and erases”, the columnist considered the offenses said by the singer as nonsense.

The journalist said that ‘heavy’ is the climate that the country leaves wherever it goes. “She is not a person of many friends, she lives fighting for little and always argued with Cabral (ex-husband) in front of everyone, leaving people around very embarrassed,” he wrote.

Naiara and Rafael Cabral on their wedding day | Reproduction: Instagram

Leo Dias also informed that he sought Naiara’s advice last Thursday (26), but the answer received was not in line with reality. “In response, we were informed that everything was fine, and that the two were just on a business trip, but each in a different location,” he said.

This Friday (27), the columnist said he had tried to communicate with the press office again, but had no return. He entered then reportedly contacted people close to Naiara, who confirmed the end of the marriage. The former couple only spoke after Leo Dias’ revelation was published.