Soulstice: Check out the trailer for the Dark Souls Aesthetic Action RPG

Game was announced during E3 and received Gameplay trailer during Future Games Show

soulstice, from Reply Game Studio and Modus Games received its first gameplay trailer during the Future Games Show. The game is a Action RPG with a strong Dark Souls-inspired aesthetic what is it announced during this year’s E3 has as one of the highlights the actress Stefanie Joosten, who gave face and voice (spoiler!) Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V.

The trailer released yesterday during the Future Games Show focuses heavily on the two central characters, Briar and Lute. Both sisters are played by Joosten and, as seen in the video, should drive the main thread of Soulstice’s narrative.

Credits: Soulstice

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Joosten’s performance promises to bring a strong presence and personality to the two sisters as seen in the trailer, which also shows a lot of game action and the torments that Briar and Lute have gone through.

Briar is a strong warrior, but filled with a deep sadness, which is accompanied at all times by the spirit of her sister Lute, and it is by combining the unique abilities of each of them that players will need to face all the terrors and monstrosities that are invading Keidas .

Despite having strong inspirations in the Dark Souls franchise, especially in the first game in the series, Soulstice presents a much more dynamic and agile gameplay, but precisely because it has more linear characteristics and progression than Dark Souls, the challenges should be less punitive, being probably balanced by the combination of the two sisters’ mystical and combat skills.

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It is also worth remembering that Soulstice is a Indie game from Reply Game Studios published by Modus Games, same publisher of Cris Tales, JRPG-style game with captivating 2D art and Rustler, a medieval game that looks like a combination of Bully and “Horse GTA”. Soulstice, which has not yet been closed, is set to be released in 2022 with versions for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.


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Via: GameInformer Source: Soulstice