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In the south of Espírito Santo, 11 municipalities make up an enchanted region. In it we find the first Christ built in Brazil, in Guaçuí, we have the orange land, Jerônimo Monteiro, we have the caxambu de Alegre, the memory of the drovers in Ibatiba, we have the third highest peak in Brazil, the flag peak in Ibitirama. and many, many natural beauties. This is the region of Caparaó Capixaba.

One of the highlights is the iconic Cachoeira da Fumaça, in Alegre, but there is another corner that has drawn everyone’s attention and is in a very special place. Accompanied by the local guide, Jorginho, we face an intense and quite steep trail. Our destination is at 1,700m altitude: the turtle well.

We walked a little further and found the balaio well and, finally, our final destination which is the Antas well. The place is named after the Rio das Antas. They say that it was very common to see the largest terrestrial mammal in South America there. The entire Altitude Atlantic Forest area is located in the district of Rio Claro, Iúna. and it is private property and protected by ICMBIO, which authorized the visitation 5 months ago.

“Some rules were created to ensure the protection and safety of visitors, one of which is to always be accompanied by a local guide”, explained Jorginho, who does this work and also tells the stories of the place, values ​​the importance of protection, provides equipment and still a coffee.

Nature tourism is heating up the region and new business models have been created. There is a real Café Route, in Pedra Menina, where tourists can walk and try the best drinks in the world. One of these developments is the Café Colonial da Família Lacerda, where visitors can eat while enjoying the landscape.

The Restaurante da Márcia e do Márcio also has coffee as a base. On the menu you can even find coffee caipirinha, we taste and love it. All these experiences bring a taste of the region without losing contact with nature.

Even conserving the interior climate, the Caparaó region hasn’t stopped in time, right? An example is the support store of Unimed Sul, a health plan with over 30 years of experience in care!

Whether at the store in Alegre or anywhere in the region, it is possible to access the plan, make appointments and get the results of health exams. Through Whatsapp, Unimed Sul talks with the capixaba through the virtual assistant Isa, at (28) 2101-6255. In addition to Isa, all online services are also available through the Unimed Client APP.

This way, it is possible to have technology, health and quality of life in a region that only grows. Em Movimento will continue this journey through the Beauty of the South, just follow the reports here!

On the Move: Southern Beauties

On the Move: Southern Beauties