Sportbuzz · Director of Flamengo opens the game about David Luiz’s ‘arrival’

In recent days, the fans of Flamengo got excited about the possible arrival of the defender David Luiz, which is free on the market and had its name aired behind the scenes of the rubro-negro to reinforce the cast this season.

However, the director Marcos Braz soon tried to reduce the excitement of fans. In a press conference this Friday, 27, the official denied that he is negotiating with David Luiz at the moment.

It’s unlikely. Flamengo will not speak openly what it seeks, it has never spoken. Flamengo confirms some facts and information within this hiring process, but in this case it has nothing to confirm“, continued.

Even because I’m not going to talk about positions, at the right time I’ll confirm, but I won’t confirm the positions Flamengo is behind”, completed Marcos Braz.

Still on the situation of David Luiz, Marcos Braz made it clear that Flamengo is still attentive to all possibilities in the ball market. However, the manager again denied that there is a possibility of hiring the defender last Monday, 23.

The thing is that Bruno (Spindel) knows the market and I know the market, so we know ‘oh this player will ask for more or less this, that’s good, that’s bad…’ So we know a lot well how much does David Luiz cost. But there’s nothing close, I won’t fool the crowd”, finished.

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