Teresa Cristina makes Luísa taste her own poison

In the next chapters of Nos Tempos do Imperador, Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella) will appeal to end the extramarital affair of Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello) with Luísa (Mariana Ximenes). To do this, the empress will be able to bring into her house another supposed lover of her husband and rub the monarch’s fence over the face of the countess of Barral.

The suspicion that the father and the educator of their daughters are involved takes foundation after the mother of princesses Isabel (Any Maia/Giulia Gayoso) and Leopoldina (Melissa Nóbrega/Bruna Griphao) catch a kiss between the two under her own roof.

Advised by Celestina (Bel Kutner), the empress will create a situation for Luísa to give up on Pedro. Taking advantage of the emperor’s reputation for being a womanizer, Teresa Cristina will invite to her house a supposed mistress of the monarch.

Thus, it will be up to the monarch’s lady-in-waiting to plant the seed of distrust in the Countess of Barral’s head, claiming that the two had an affair in the past. To help, Mariquinha (undisclosed actress) will kiss Dom Pedro II right in front of Luísa. Jealous, the governess of the heirs to the throne will give up accompanying the royal party on a journey. Check out!

In Empire, Teresa Cristina makes Luísa believe in Pedro’s betrayal

In the Emperor's Times: Teresa Cristina makes Luísa taste her own poison

In the next chapters of Nos Tempos do Imperador, on Globo, Teresa Cristina will bet on a new “lover” to separate Dom Pedro and Luísa, after the countess gave up on returning to Europe because of the monarch. Not even the help of the Marquis de Caxias (Jackson Antunes), who managed to arrange a trip for the imperial family, was able to boycott the case of the two, as the empress’s husband invited his daughter’s governess to go with him.

Desperate, Teresa Cristina will be advised by Celestina to create a situation so that Dominique’s mother (Thor Becker) catches a jump around Dom Pedro, making her believe she is one more in the emperor’s collection. So, the mother of princesses Isabel and Leopoldina will invite Mariquinha to go to her house. Luísa will arrive just as the stranger is kissing Dom Pedro II.

To add more veracity to the gossip, Teresa Cristina’s lady-in-waiting will tell the Countess of Barral that that woman and the emperor had an affair in the past. The educator will fall like a duck and will give up following the imperial entourage.

The scene airs in the September 1st chapter.