The Rock in the Police? Dwayne Johnson lookalike goes viral on the internet

Every now and then, social networks go wild with the discovery of anonymous celebrity look-alikes. This time, it’s the American policeman Eric Fields who is causing a stir. The reason? His uncanny resemblance to former wrestler and action movie star Dwayne Johnson, The Rock.

The photo of police officer Eric Fields, which went viral.The photo of police officer Eric Fields, which went viral.Source: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Famous for movies like jumanji and Fast and furious, and in theaters and on Disney+ with Jungle Cruise, the 49-year-old actor has been compared to his double since a photo of the police officer was posted on the Facebook page of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama (United States).

In the photo, Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields is seen smiling, leaning against a police vehicle. The image went viral and led social media users to make the inevitable comparison with The Rock.

Reactions to the Dwayne Johnson lookalike on the internet

The real Dwayne Johnson.The real Dwayne Johnson.Source: Kathy Hutchins/

The policeman’s resemblance ended up being the target of posts, videos on TikTok — and the reactions were hilarious. The tiktoker who made a video with over a million and a half views said, “I really don’t think you guys are ready for this because this is crazy. Look at him. You can’t tell me it’s not Mr. Dwayne “. Another person asked, “Why is The Rock in this picture? Just thinking.”

Even the cop himself made a joke, calling himself “Dwayne The Cop Johnson.” The situation made the police page grow: there are more than 47,000 people following the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook by the end of this report.

In the most recent post on the coincidence page, the corporation revealed that a Walmart employee asked a sergeant to meet the officer who looked like The Rock. According to the publication, Lieutenant Fields was happy to meet him. Dwayne’s look-alike took pictures with the man and his coworkers.

The lookalike and the Walmart employee.The lookalike and the Walmart employee.Source: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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