Tiago Leifert cries at the end of Super Dança and is ‘expelled’ by Luciano Huck · TV News

Moved, Tiago Leifert cried because of the final of the Super Dance of the Famous. This Friday (27), the presenter commented on the latest recordings of the reality show and joked that he was leaving a dressing room at Globo at the request of Luciano Huck’s team.

“Keeping tradition, we recorded the final of Super Dança and it’s obvious that I cried a lot. Every time I cry, every time, but there’s a reason too. From next week, I’ll start recording The Voice Brasil, which will debut in October,” Leifert pointed out in Instagram Stories.

In the sequence of videos, the BBB owner told about the dressing room he used during the dance reality: “I’m using it for the last time and they said: ‘Oh Tiago, you have to leave soon because we have to install Luciano Huck’s printer’ . So that’s it, Mr. Luciano? Do I have to get off the couch to install your little printer? Okay! Lu, good luck to you!”

“Mionzera, I think we’ll be together, huh? I’m going to Rio [de Janeiro]. I don’t know if it’s going to be the first or the second show. A big kiss to you, good luck to you both,” added the presenter as he sent a message to Marcos Mion, the new host of Caldeirão.

The final of the Super Dance of the Famous will be shown this Sunday (29). Paolla Oliveira, Rodrigo Simas and Dandara Mariana compete in the last round of the competition.

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