Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, receives ‘prize’ of nearly R$4 billion in shares | Technology

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook received more than 5 million shares of Apple shares this week – the equivalent of about about US$750 million (or R$3.9 billion).

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), equivalent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the executive received the bonds and sold them all.

Just over half (52.65%) were retained by Apple to comply with tax requirements – ie, Cook was left with approximately US$355 million (R$1.8 million).

The papers were received as the final part of a package of guaranteed rewards for Cook when he became the company’s CEO in 2011 following the death of Steve Jobs.

There was a goal to get those shares released: Apple bonds would need to return a return that surpassed two-thirds of the companies in the S&P 500 market index in the past three years.

The company easily hit the mark and, according to Bloomberg data, the total return to investors on the company’s shares reached 192%, placing Apple as the 13th most profitable company in the index.

Currently, the iPhone maker is the most valuable company in the world, with an estimated value of $2.45 trillion, followed by Microsoft ($2.2 trillion) and Alphabet, the parent of Google ($2.2 trillion).

According to a ranking by Forbes magazine, Tim Cook has assets valued at US$ 1.4 billion – putting him in the position of 2,199, far from Jeff Bezos, former Amazon CEO and richest man in the world with a fortune valued at US$ 192.4 billion.

In 2015, Cook told Fortune magazine that he planned to donate his entire fortune to philanthropic projects.

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