Tite’s surprise in the selection, Matheus Nunes worked in a bakery and was observed to defend Portugal

“Only Matheus Nunes will pay Rúben Amorim”. It was this statement by the president of the sporting that gave spotlight to the young Brazilian Matheus Nunes, summoned by Tite for the FIFA date of September this Friday (27) for the Brazilian Team.

At the time, the club had spent a large amount on the termination fine of coach Rúben Amorim and was being questioned, but Frederico Varandas assured that the 23-year-old Brazilian would be able to replace that money in a possible sale.

Since he was 13 years old, living in Portugal, the young man has been the big surprise on Tite’s ‘replacement’ list, due to the non-release of players from Premier League, just on his birthday.

Before becoming a professional player, he worked in his family’s bakery in the country, while playing at the base of Ericeirense. At 20 years old, hired by Estoril, played few matches until being hired by Sporting.

After few chances with the first commanders, he became one of the main highlights of Rúben Amorim’s team, being present in the conquest of the Portuguese Championship.

Its success even started to draw the attention of the selection of Portugal. Last July, he won dual nationality and his name was mentioned by coach Fernando Santos over the past week.

“We were already watching it last year. Was it now on the list of 40 (observed)? It certainly was. It is part of the selection observations. I will never ask my president to naturalize a player to join the national team. But I will also never discriminate against anyone who, by their own choice, was able to represent Portugal”, he said.

Even his coach, Rúben Amorim, joined in his call. But Tite was faster. Matheus Nunes will be available in matches against Chile, Argentina and Peru, next month.