Titi Müller reveals fear for her son in the pandemic and challenges of Anota Aí

Titi Müller is back with “Anota Aí”, Multishow’s travel program. In the new season, which opens today, the biggest challenge was recording in the middle of a pandemic. The sanitary crisis influenced the entire production of the program, which required surgical care.

From the script to the distance in the recordings, every detail was thought out to give security to the team — made up of four people — and to show viewers a way to travel with more peace of mind.

Titi says, for example, that she herself had many concerns and that she adhered to social isolation in a radical way.

Titi Müller records 'Anota Aí' in Joanópolis, São Paulo countryside - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Titi Müller records ‘Anota Aí’ in Joanópolis, São Paulo countryside

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Stepping outside the house? Only for the son, Benjamin, who was born in June of last year, that is, in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic in Brazil.

This August, just over a year later, the presenter confirmed her separation with Tomás Bertoni — the father of her son and with whom she maintains a friendly relationship.

[A pandemia] It had a big impact on my psyche. I was afraid of how I would behave [nas gravações do programa] having to go through an airport, restaurant? I wasn’t doing anything! The only thing I did was go to the Buenos Aires square [zona oeste de São Paulo], avoiding the busiest hours. I just didn’t go crazy because of those breaths.

In addition to the walks in the square, the presenter relaxed in the pandemic when traveling as a family to Joanópolis, in the interior of São Paulo. The destination, in fact, was chosen for the script of the new season of “Anota Aí”

Is it a city that preserves its springs, nature? It’s a huge watershed. I went there and to Ubatuba with my family. That’s what I did in this year and a half, in addition to taking care of my son.

The presenter only felt at ease to hit the road again with “Anota Aí” after receiving the program’s script: “I felt calm, being able to do everything we showed on the program. I saw myself in safety, and look that I I was quite panicked by the pandemic”.

A different “Note there”

In the travel program, Titi used to greet everyone, try regional foods and different drinks. All that is now in the past. In the new “Anota Aí”, the hugs and the act of sharing food and drinks are over.

It is very complex how the pandemic hit the program. Is it marked by a lot of irreverence, by contact with people? I would reach into the food, taste it with my finger and share the drink. Things I don’t think will ever happen? I can’t see myself running my finger through a dulce de leche, putting it in someone’s mouth and tasting it later. I arrived hugging everyone, having fun.

Titi Müller with her ex-husband and son Benjamin;  the presenter split recently - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Titi Müller with her ex-husband and son Benjamin; the presenter broke up recently

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Nurse 24h

Another important change in the program is that the team is now closely monitored by a health professional, in addition, of course, to the daily use of a mask and alcohol gel. Traveling by car has also become fundamental in the new proposal for “Anota Aí”.

“A nurse accompanied us all the time. He tested us every three days. All the people who appeared in front of the camera were also tested. It was crazy, but a delight to see that it was possible to record. It’s a beautiful season, because it is the picture of what we are living,” he says.

We prioritize the message that it is possible to take these getaways, valuing nature and the outdoors, following safety procedures. Are these little getaways departing from the urban centers of Recife, Salvador, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro? They are car crash trips, where you don’t even need to sleep in these places.

Write it down – new season

Titi Müller premieres on August 27 the new season of 'Anota Aí' - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Titi Müller debuts on August 27 the new season of ‘Anota Aí’

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Premiere: August 27th (Friday)
Time: 18h
Channel: Multishow