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After a quiet weigh-in, in which only one of the athletes did not beat the weight (see the final part of the article), the UFC Barboza x Chikadze matches had a funny moment involving Brazilian middleweight Wellington Turman and American Sam Alvey. Known for always smiling at his rivals, Alvey stared at Turman with a wide grin on his face. Turman tried to remain serious, but ended up laughing.

Wellington Turman tried to remain serious in the face of Sam Alvey… — Photo: Getty Images

…but he ended up laughing along with his rival and Dana White at the UFC Barboza-Chikadze weigh-in — Photo: Getty Images

On the other hand, the protagonists of the main event of the night, Edson Barboza and Giga Chikadze, had a tough face, but without provocation. The two featherweights confirmed their presence at the event and made it clear that the fight will be very close.

Edson Barboza and Giga Chikadze had a tough look after the UFC weigh-in — Photo: Getty Images

But the most tense look came right away between the first two fighters to take the stage. Bantamweights Mana Martinez, from the USA, and Guido Cannetti, from Argentina, left Dana White in a state of attention due to their proximity.

Mana Martinez Guido Cannetti against UFC Barboza vs. Chikadze — Photo: Getty Images

Edson Barboza had no problem hitting the weight at the UFC weigh-in this Friday — Photo: Getty Images

The weight-taking held this Friday morning in Las Vegas went off without a hitch. Only one fighter, Mana Martinez, failed to beat the weight. The American bantamweight, who went through two changes of opponents and the death of his coach, Saul Soliz, was 1.8kg over the category limit and was fined 30% of his purse.

Check out the UFC weigh-in: Barboza vs Chikadze

Check out the UFC weigh-in: Barboza vs Chikadze

Brazilians Edson Barboza and Wellington Turman had no problems and calmly beat their weights. Barboza heads the event’s main event against Giga Chikadze, while Turman faces veteran Sam Alvey.

Wellington Turman stayed within the middleweight limit at Friday’s UFC weigh-in — Photo: Getty Images

UFC Barboza-Chikadze service

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Check the weights of all athletes:

Featherweight (up to 66.2kg): Edson Barboza (65.8kg) x Giga Chikadze (66kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Bryan Battle (84.1kg) x Gilbert Urbina (84.4kg)
Roosterweight (up to 61.7kg): Ricky Turcios (61.2kg) x Brady Hiestand (61.5kg)
Welterweight (up to 77.6kg): Kevin Lee (77.3kg) vs Daniel Rodriguez (77.6kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Andre Petroski (84.1kg) x Michael Gillmore (83.5kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Makhmud Muradov (83.7kg) x Gerald Meerschaert (83.9kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Abdul Razak Alhassan (84.1kg) x Alessio Di Chirico (84.1kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4kg): Sam Alvey (84.1kg) x Wellington Turman (84.1kg)
Light Heavyweight (up to 93.4kg): Dustin Jacoby (92.3kg) x Darren Stewart (92.8kg)
Flyweight (up to 57.2kg): JJ Aldrich (56.7kg) x Vanessa Demopoulos (56.9kg)
Featherweight (up to 66.2kg): Jamall Emmers (66kg) x Pat Sabatini (66kg)
Roosterweight (up to 61.7kg): Mana Martinez (63.5kg)* x Guido Cannetti (61.5kg)

* Exceeded the category limit by 1.8kg and was fined 30% of his purse, with the amount being reverted to his opponent.

All athletes were entitled to a tolerance of one pound (0.454kg), as no fight on the card is valid per belt.

Knockouts duel in the main event of the night. It’s live only in Combate! — Photo: Combat

Knockouts duel in the main event of the night. It’s live only in Combate!