US drone strike kills Islamic State member in Afghanistan, US forces say

Military outside, with helicopter in the back

Credit, Reuters

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American soldiers at the airport in Kabul; attack there on Thursday was claimed by the Islamic State

The United States carried out on Friday night (August 27, GMT) a drone attack against an Islamic State target in eastern Afghanistan, killing a member of the group, according to the US armed forces.

According to a press release, the attack in the Afghan province of Nangarhar targeted the man responsible for planning Thursday’s attacks (26) at the airport in Kabul — in which around 170 people died, including 13 US military personnel. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bomb attacks at the airport in the Afghan capital.

“Initial evidence shows that we’ve killed the target,” US forces said, adding that there are no reports so far of civilian deaths.

The target was a member of the group Isis-K, which stands for Islamic State of Khorasan Province, the regional arm of the Islamic State (also known by the acronym Isis) that operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Afghanistan, it is the most violent and extreme group jihadist (which promote the so-called Muslim “holy war”).