US launches drone strike against Islamic State-k in Afghanistan | World

US military launched a drone attack against Islamic State-K on Saturday (28 local time – Friday night 27 in Brazil), bombing the site where a member of the group in Afghanistan would be reported.

The action came less than 48 hours after an alleged suicide attack by the group killed 169 Afghans and 13 US soldiers at the Kabul airport.

US Central Command said the drone strike in Nangahar was launched on an EI-K member believed to be involved in planning attacks against the US in Kabul.

The attack killed one individual, and Navy Captain William Urban’s spokesman said there were no reports of civilian deaths.

Wounded Afghans admitted to hospital in Kabul after the terrorist attack at Kabul airport, Afghanistan, on 26 August. Two suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Afghans crowding the Abbey gate and American soldiers who were screening for the country’s retreat flights. — Photo: Mohammad Asif Khan/AP

It remains unclear whether the dead individual was specifically involved in Thursday’s suicide bombing outside the gates of Kabul airport, where crowds of Afghans were desperately trying to get in, seeking to leave the country after the Taliban seized power.

The air strike fulfilled a promise President Joe Biden made to the nation on Thursday when he said the attackers could not go into hiding. “Let’s hunt them down and make them pay,” he said.

Pentagon leaders told reporters on Friday that they were prepared for any retaliatory action the president ordered.

“We have options there now,” said the Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor of the Pentagon Joint Staff.

Map identifies area of ​​explosions near Kabul airport on August 26, 2021 — Photo: Art G1