VW Nivus 2022 loses serial media center

Volkswagen continues in its endeavor to remove the multimedia center of its cars so as not to have to stop production due to the semiconductor crisis. After Gol, Voyage and Fox lost their equipment, it is the turn of the SUV Nivus in the entry-level model Comfortline.

The ball was raised by our colleagues from Quatro Rodas magazine. The Volkswagen Nivus entered the 2022 line and won the Biscay Blue, Polo and Virtus GTS color option. The central is no longer a standard item and ended up in a package called Play & Tech Package, for R$ 4,580.

vw nivus comfortline 2022 interior without multimedia center
The cap on the dashboard is something that was becoming rare even in popular entry-levels (Photo: Volkswagen | Disclosure)


In line 2022, the input Nivus starts at R$ 104,060. Sound system related items such as the six speakers and antenna are still standard. The digital panel of the Comfortline model is no longer the 10-inch screen and has adopted the 8-inch screen of the Taos entry.

Buffer on panel in place of switch is common in Japan

These cuts on the Volkswagen Nivus reminded us of a quirk of the Japanese automotive market. Even today, it is common for cars to be sold without a factory radio or multimedia center, even in high-end versions.

The reason is not cost cuts or lack of raw materials. The accessories market is quite strong in Japan and many consumers prefer to install a sound system or multimedia center that they like. Another common habit is to reuse a previously purchased sound when changing cars.

A curious case is that of the Subaru Levorg van, which comes from the factory with a large vertical screen on the panel comprising the multimedia center and the controls for the air conditioning. If the consumer prefers to install his own sound system, Subaru sells the car with a smaller screen controlling the air conditioning and a space for the radio, preferred by the customer.