What does Felipe Miranda say about MOSI3? 5 cryptocurrencies for R$1 million, and 2022 elections

This Friday, Felipe Miranda, chief strategist and CIO at Empiricus, answered the best questions asked by his followers. Don’t blink so you don’t miss another BLINK!

It’s Friday, my “cool ones”. Before departing for Happy Hour it’s good to get light on BLINK! of today. Felipe Miranda, Chief Strategist and CIO of Empiricus, answered some interesting questions about the market and about conflicts between Empiricus partners, Check out the full video on Youtube here.

The main points were:

The three best-run companies on the Stock Exchange

In Felipe Miranda’s opinion, these are Cosan (CSAN3); Directional (DIRR3) and BTG Pactual (BPAC11). The chief strategist adds that he likes Méliuz’s group (CASH3) a lot.

Who’s Afraid of the Evil Candidate?

Felipe Miranda comments that he is afraid of the 2022 elections. He justifies it by saying that he thinks like actor Dan Stulbach, who says: “those who are afraid do not lose money.”

Is CASH3 an opportunity at this level of R$40?

The analyst confirms that it is. According to Felipe, economist Marcos Lisboa on the board of directors was an excellent “acquisition” of Méliuz.

The verdict on Mosaic (MOSI3)

Or almost that. After being asked how he has patience with the amount of people wanting to know about the action, the analyst replies that he does not understand the reason for this. He adds that he never had Mosaico in his portfolio and always opted for Méliuz. Well, it was the closest thing to a verdict, right?

Have you ever had a fight with Rodolfo Amstalden?

The analyst replies that it is impossible. According to him, the probability of this happening is nil, since Rodolfo is almost a monk.

Cryptocurrencies to become a millionaire

One of his followers asked Felipe for advance information. She wanted to know the 5 cryptocurrencies to get R$ 1 million that analyst André Franco will reveal at an event. Of course, the analyst immediately responded: Just participate in the free online event, on Monday (30/08) at 7pm.

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