When to premiere and where to watch Secret Truths 2

With the great success of Verdades Secretas, Globo became interested in a second season of the soap opera, which is coming soon. Here’s when Secret Truths 2 premieres and where to watch.

Secret Truths brought Camila Queiroz as Angel, a young woman who leaves the countryside in search of her dream of becoming a model, but ends up on a dark path. Continuing the development of the protagonist, the second season will show the consequences of the tragic events of the previous season.

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Without further ado, read on for details about the premiere and broadcast of Secret Truths 2.

When does it debut?

Globo had already given the premiere forecast for Verdades Secretas 2 in the second half of 2021. More recently, Folha de São Paulo informed that the production should arrive in October, more precisely.

The second season will feature 50 chapters. It is worth noting that, as of August 24, Globo has already started a rerun of Secrets on open TV, in order to prepare viewers for what is to come in the next chapters.

Where to watch?

Here, a detail should be emphasized: Secret Truths 2 even arrives in October, but only on Globoplay. The streaming service will be the main home of the second season.

The broadcast by Globo on open TV should only happen sometime in 2023. This helps to show how streaming has been important for the broadcaster.

By the way, another interesting difference: the versions of Secret Truths 2 shown on streaming and on open TV will not be the same. The reason is related to the sex scenes, which will look different between streaming and open TV.

According to GZH, more “explicit” sex scenes were recorded for Globoplay. On Globo, the open TV channel, these sex scenes will have a more suggestive character.

The first season of Secret Truths can now be watched on Globoplay. As mentioned earlier, Secret Truths 2 hits the streaming service in October.