William Waack says Bolsonaro doesn’t have the streets – Free Tuesday TV

In an article published in Estadão this Thursday (26), the presenter William Waack he criticized President Jair Bolsonaro, suggesting that the chief executive lacks the popular support he imagines and that people close to him describe him as “possessed with a mental framework beyond worrying”.

Waack also described as a real danger for the nation, classified as “presidential imbalance”, the fact that Jair Bolsonaro has the support of part of the population, of Military Police – whom he qualifies as mutineers.

“The second aspect that makes the presidential imbalance a real danger is the belief that it would have instruments of power such as an irresistible amount of ‘people on the streets’, ‘adhesion of sectors of the Armed Forces’ in addition to mutinous, insubordinate and led to the streets by corporatist leaders. In other words, he thinks he would be in a position of superiority when it comes to the relationship of the forces trained to exert violence – a scenario implicit in the president’s positions”, classified the former Globo journalist.

Waack also argued that the President of the Republic no longer holds power. For him, the president’s followers are nothing more than “stupid fanatics on social networks.”

“Without having created a capillary political organization and without having the support of the chains of command of the Armed Forces, Bolsonaro thinks he’s in charge, but he’s in charge of nothing but stupid fanatics in social networks… […] In other words, Bolsonaro does not have solid legal arguments, broad political forces, nourished military contingents, domination of the streets, adhesion of the main economic elites and is rejected by the majority of voters, by the almost unanimity of the intellectual and cultural world and seen as a passing nuisance by the great powers. Nobody is afraid of him as a political leader”, he concluded.

Analyzing the article published by journalist William Waack in the Evening Bulletin this Thursday (26), political analyst Alan Lopes said he believes this is a sign of the loss of credibility of the mainstream media.

“Doing a poor analysis of this is another sign of the desperation and disbelief that the mainstream media has been suffering all the time. A foul analysis from the point of view of a subject who is an intellectual and who has a lot of knowledge”, he stated.

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