With an in-person audience, Marcos Mion receives Tiago Leifert in his ‘Cauldron’

The new ‘Caldeirão’ with Marcos Mion is scheduled to premiere on September 4th. The attraction will feature the following frames: ‘Sobe o Som’, where guests need to guess the song just by the melody, ‘That Globo shows’, in which the temporary presenter comments with great humor striking scenes from TV Globo programming and the already known to the public ‘Has it or not’, now redesigned with celebrities among its participants.

The column found that Marcos Mion signed a contract with Grupo Globo to present some projects at Multishow. But due to the migration of Luciano Huck for Globo’s Sunday nights, the former presenter of A Fazenda will break a branch until December in command of ‘Caldeirão’.

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Tiago Leifert will be one of Marcos Mion’s guests in his Cauldron. The program in question will be recorded on August 30, directly from Estúdios Globo, with the right to an in-person audience.

Marcos Mion on Globo (Reproduction/Instagram)

the excitement of Marcos Mion when he arrived at Globo, he was the inspiration for yet another painting, ‘Mommy, I’m at Globo!’, in which the public participates through videos and photos sent to the program. Anything goes: singing, dancing, acting worthy of a soap opera and even showing a recipe. Those chosen to air each week receive a treat that is the face of the presenter and a personalized badge of the ‘Cauldron’. To participate, simply access the program’s official website: https://gshow.globo.com/programas/caldeirao/