With Pedrinho at Toca II, Cruzeiro closes his preparations to face the CRB

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great supporter of cruise, the businessman Pedro Loureno he was at Toca da Raposa II this Saturday, in the training session that closed the team’s preparation for the game against CRB, on Sunday 16, at the Rei Pel stadium, in Macei, for the 21st round of the B Series of the Brazilian Championship.

Peter, as the owner of BH Supermarkets is known, has given financial support to the club at this dramatic moment. In recent weeks, the board has paid arrears thanks to the support given by the entrepreneur. Before agreeing with Cruzeiro, the coach Vanderlei Luxembourg demanded during the negotiations that the employees receive on time. The club has tried to honor this commitment.
Currently, Cruzeiro lives the biggest crisis of history, with a doubt that reaches about BRL 1 billion. The celestial team seeks a sprint in the series B to return to the elite of Brazilian football. In the second division, Fox receives much less in broadcasting rights and has little visibility to try to negotiate sponsorships with higher values.

The Cruzeiro delegation will travel to Macei this Saturday. For Sunday’s game, Luxembourg will be forced to make changes in all sectors of the team.

In defense, the embezzlement of right-back Norberto, who suffered an injury to the posterior muscles of his right thigh in Cruzeiro’s 1-0 victory over Confiana, in the last round. As Cceres is not yet expected to meet the physical conditions for the game, the vacancy can take Rmulus.

If the midfielder is indeed improvised on the wing, the space in midfield must be occupied by Flvio. Luxembourg has the return of Marcinho, recovered from COVID-19, but the point guard would hardly be able to start the match in Alagoas.

In attack, the coach of Cruzeiro decides, possibly between Rafael Sobis and Thiago, the replacement of Marcelo Moreno, who presented himself to Seleo Boliviana for duels for the World Cup qualifiers.

The likely cruise for Sunday’s game has Fbio; Rmulo, Ramon, Eduardo Brock and Matheus Pereira; Flvio, Adriano and Giovanni; Bruno Jos, Dudu (Wellington Nem) and Thiago (Rafael Sobis).