With the end of the ‘Super Dance of the Famous’, Tiago Leifert is ‘expelled’ from the dressing room by Luciano Huck’s team

In a joking tone, the journalist told that he had to leave the room to install a printer for the new presenter of ‘Domingão’

Instagram/@tiagoleifert and Instagram/@lucianohuckLuciano Huck will command Rede Globo’s Sundays with ‘Domingão com Huck’

This Sunday, 29, the latest edition of the “Super Dance of the Famous“, program that replaced the “domingão Faustão” after leaving Faust Silva gives Globo Network. Since June, the network’s Sundays were being commanded by James Leifert, who said goodbye to the attraction this Friday, 29, and passed the baton to his successor on the grid, the presenter Luciano Huck. Known for crying in the finals of “Big Brother Brasil”, Leifert kept the tradition and did not hide his tears. “Keeping tradition, we recorded the final of Super Dança and it’s obvious that I cried a lot. Every time he cries, every time he cries, but there’s a reason too, right?”, said the journalist on his social networks.

Leifert then reported that he was being “kicked out” from the dressing room by Huck’s team. “I’m here using this dressing room for the last time and they said now: ‘Oh Tiago, you have to leave soon because we have to install Luciano Huck’s printer.’ So that’s it, Mr Luciano? Do I have to get off the couch to install your little printer?” asked the presenter, in a playful tone. “All right! Lu, good luck to you!”, completed Leifert, who took the opportunity to greet Marcos Mion. “Mionzera, I think we’ll be together, huh? I’m going to Rio. I don’t know if it’s going to be the first or the second show”, said Leifert, who recorded an episode for “Caldeirão do Mion”. Starting next week, Leifert starts recording the “The Voice Brazil“, which premieres in October.