WL! Atari VCS, the new console from Atari, can receive the Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass on other consoles? It seems so!

According to Atari’s annual earnings release, the classic American company revealed that the Atari VCS, its new console, may support the Xbox Game Pass.

According to Atari, the Xbox Game Pass can be released on the new Atari VCS and with an app. According to the company, the reason to launch the Xbox Game Pass on its new console will be for “facilitate gambling“since users will be able to play multiple games via cloud. Also, other gaming services on streaming, like Gerforce Now, will be released on consoles. Check out:

In the coming months, Atari will continue to build on the VCS content and feature offerings, such as: […] Cloud game streaming with direct access to popular services such as Stadia, GeForce Now, Luna and Xbox Game Pass.” he said.

Remember that Phil Spencer commented that he wants the Xbox Game Pass on other consoles, and with that, his wish is already becoming a reality. We emphasize that the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass on Atari VCS is yet to does not have a release date, and not an official confirmation from Xbox.

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