Woman is discharged after being hospitalized with Covid-19 and finds husband dead from the disease at home

A story that could have a happy ending ended in tragedy in the United States. After spending about a week in the hospital with Covid-19, a woman was discharged home. Upon arriving at her home in Winter Haven, Florida, she found her husband dead at home, a victim of Covid-19 complications, just moments after she was discharged.

Lisa Steadman said she and her husband Ron were diagnosed with Covid-19 in early August. She had more severe symptoms and had to be hospitalized, as he looked fine and remained at home.

“I was in the hospital for eight days. I spoke to him every day,” he told ABC television. “I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t breathe or stop vomiting,” he told Fox 13.

After fighting for life for over a week, Lisa’s clinical condition evolved positively. She said she talked to Ron on Sunday and her husband warned her that her cell phone wasn’t charging.

On Monday, she tried to contact her husband and failed. She then asked the local police to check on his status. “They went there, talked to him. I was walking our dogs. They told me: ‘He has a cold.’ But it was okay, Ron wasn’t even close to dying or anything like that,” he said.

However, between Monday and Wednesday, when she was discharged, her husband’s condition worsened and he ended up not resisting. When she got home, the woman found her husband dead in his own bed, surrounded by dogs.

“It was like walking into a horror movie. I wish I had never seen him like that, because I can’t get that image out of my head,” he said.

Lisa said she and her husband were very careful with Covid-19’s prevention methods, always using masks and alcohol on their hands. However, the couple did not take the vaccine.

According to her, the couple was never a denial, but preferred to “wait”. Now Lisa has changed her mind. “I’ve already told you that when I get better – because I can’t be immunized until the end of September – I’m going to get the vaccine,” he said.