Xbox Series X update finally includes 4K menus

Starting this August, Xbox Insider program members in the Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha categories can upgrade their consoles and use the interface in 4K quality.

The higher resolution is one of the most important evolutions of the new generation of consoles. But, before this update, only Xbox Series X games had this image quality — the dashboard ran in 1080p anyway. Now it’s all 4K.

Of course this is not as important to the overall experience as the games be in 4K, but it’s a welcome and long-awaited update by Microsoft console fans. This will bring more sharpness to the dashboard images and improve the readability of text, for example.

Also, if the Xbox Series X supports 4K and users have spent a lot of money to get a 4K setup, it makes perfect sense that they can enjoy that quality.

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And the performance?

For now, Microsoft hasn’t announced whether the Series S will also receive this update — which could happen, since the cheapest console in the lineup also supports 4K.

It’s also worth remembering that, for now, this update has only arrived for Xbox Insider members, in the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead categories. Microsoft has not yet announced whether or when other console owners will have access to the 4K interface.

That said, in the comments of foreign portals about the news, some people expressed concern that this improvement could affect the performance of the Xbox Series X in what matters most: the games. However, the RAM memory used by the games and the interface is not the same, so one process doesn’t interfere with the other.

The update became available in mid-August, so we may already have readers who have tried the new 4K interface. If you are one of them, let us know in the comments what you think.

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