Xiaomi 12 has 200 MP camera enhanced with details of three versions

It’s been rumored for months that Xiaomi is planning to put a 200MP sensor in some of its upcoming high-end devices. Now, a post Xiaomiui on Twitter (@xiaomiui) reinforces that the Xiaomi 12 will be the device in question, and will feature at least three variants.

The model with the best set of cameras should be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, codenamed Zeus. According to the leak, in addition to the main 200 MP sensor, it should also have two more 50 MP cameras: one ultrawide and one periscopic with 10x optical zoom. In addition, the model will have the Snapdragon 898 platform with 4 nanometer lithography and clock exceeding 3 GHz.

The next variant, code-named Cupid (Cupid), will also have a 200 MP main sensor alongside an ultrawide lens, but the periscopic one would be replaced by a macro. The two auxiliary cameras have not yet had other specs commented on, but this will probably be the successor to the Mi 11, which has a similar set in terms of versatility. The Xiaomi 12 should also have the Snapdragon 898.

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Information released reinforces the possibility of the device having 200 MP cameras (Image: Xiaomiui)

The latest model, code-named Psyche (Psyche), does not yet have a direct relationship with a specific version, but it is certain that it will be a less powerful variant of the Xiaomi 12, with a platform based on the Snapdragon 865, released in 2019. The cameras will be similar to Cupid, but here the Xiaomiui indicates that it will support optical image stabilization (OIS) in the macro lens.

The Psyche variant has not yet been linked to a specific model (Image: Xiaomiui)

200 MP sensor will be provided by Samsung

Rumors already indicate that the sensor used for the main camera will be the Samsung S5KGND, with a size of 1/1.37 inch, pixels of 1.28 microns, support for capturing images in resolution 8192 x 6144 and recording videos in 16K. The 200MP sensors will provide 16-in-1 pixel binning for 12.5MP photos with more definition and greater dynamic range. In addition, it must have LPDDR5X RAM and LTPO screen with adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

No battery capacity information has yet been released, but the Xiaomi 12 line should support 120W wired and 100W wireless fast charging. At least one device of the line can be launched later this year, with presentation to the global market in early 2022.

Source: Twitter/Xiaomiui

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