YouTube requires Groovy bot shutdown on Discord

Service that allowed users to listen to music will end on August 30

O YouTube, one of the most famous video sites on the internet and which belongs to Google issued to the groovy, music bot for the Discord, an order of “cease-and-desist”, method used for someone or a company to cease and desist from an activity, otherwise a lawsuit may occur.

O Groovy Bot is well known by users of Discord, it is (was) used to exchange music from YouTube and other music platforms on servers from Discord, currently he was in more than 16 million serverss.

Its biggest benefit was being able to listen to music without having to open a browser during the game, and also the possibility of gathering a group of friends to play the favorite playlist among the crowd.

It is estimated that the service provided by Groovy Bot reached (achieved) a mark of 250 million users, an extremely expressive number. The company and its creator Nik Ammerlan already informed that will comply with the notification received and the service will end on august 30th..

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Check in full the note that the founder of groovy published about the decision:

Hello everyone,

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce today that Groovy is closing. The team has been pondering this decision for some time and unfortunately there is no way forward that includes Groovy. On August 30th, Groovy will end its service. All premium users who paid for the service after that date will receive a refund within the next few weeks.

Groovy has been a big part of my life for the past five years. It all started because my friend’s bot was terrible and I thought I could make a better one. Evidently, you agreed. Over the years, Groovy has slowly evolved from a personal corporate project to an industrial powerhouse. With each new user, Groovy’s task became more difficult and new challenges arose. These challenges have arisen. These challenges motivated my learning and is the reason why I have a career today.

I want to thank each of you for using Groovy. All of you contributed to molding him into what he is today. Hope you have a wonderful day and remember: stay cool (Groovy).

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Groovy Creator

asked by The Verge, O Google responded that the notification to the groovy was sent because of violations of the Service Terms, including modifying the service and using it for commercial purposes, and that your API is intended for developers who comply with the terms of service.

Nik Ammerlan I still said in an interview with The Verge that during the five years of the project he always imagined that one day this would happen, he just didn’t know when. And also talked about how much the groovy has overwhelmed him for the past five years.

Although it takes many years for an action by the YouTube against Groovy Bot, finally the company was troubled by a service that violated its terms and which briefly removed the ads from the videos for its users.

The biggest service to listen to music on the servers of the Discord, O Rythm Bot, remains alive and is currently present on 20 million servers, reaching 560 million users and with the drop in groovy, it is expected that it will be difficult for the Rythm keep running.

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Via: theverge