10 impactful gameplay changes and FUT and Career modes

Sports franchises are known for being annual and for changing very little from one version to another. However, there is always a version that is marked by introducing several new features that will be the basis for the following years. This is mainly when launching a new generation of consoles, which provides more resources for developers. And it looks like FIFA 22, to be released on September 27th, will be that version.

The game promises a significant number of changes in various aspects, from gameplay to more classic game modes such as Career and FUT. We separated the main changes already confirmed and we tell you a little of what to expect from the game.


1) Hypermotion

Hypermo - Press Release/EA - Press Release/EA

FIFA 22: Hypermotion

Image: Disclosure/EA

Hypermotion is the new animation system, which will dictate a lot of what happens in matches, such as physical bumps and the behavior of some athletes in decisive situations. That’s because, for the past few years, EA has been recording entire matches with real players wearing motion-capture costumes. Usually this was done individually.

The result of this exhausting work is more than four thousand new animations, which will be used in several new features. Furthermore, thanks to a new Artificial Intelligence system, team movements will be much more real and players will rarely move out of position, which makes each match more faithful to reality. Area slams and kicking and ball control animations will also have a greater degree of verisimilitude and responsiveness.

Even behavior animations were added. You will be able to see your steering wheel in the middle of the field coordinating the positioning of other players with gestures, or indicating with your hands who you should throw the ball to.

This all brings a certain fear of bugs, which often interfere a lot in the game experience, especially in more competitive modes. But that is an unavoidable risk if we want so much change.

New features that rely on Hypermotion are exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Apparently, the PC is still not a priority for EA and will not receive these news anytime soon.

2) New goalkeeping system

Goalkeeper - Press Release/EA - Press Release/EA

FIFA 22: Goalkeeper

Image: Disclosure/EA

Goalkeepers have been the subject of constant debates in recent editions. They constantly fail in bizarre ways and provide some of the most annoying bugs. This time, the system has been completely rewritten and promises a lot more reality (and fewer improbable glitches in real life).

In addition, the game will start to reproduce the style of throwing the ball and defending some established goalkeepers, more or less as line athletes are treated. It remains to wait to see if the promises are fulfilled.

3) Explosive Sprint

Sprint - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Sprint

Image: Disclosure/EA

The Explosive Sprint has everything to be the new function that will generate more controversy in the FIFA competitive scene, especially in FIFA Ultimate Team. With it, the player will be able to burn their energy in a sprint that will use the maximum of their acceleration, guaranteeing for a few seconds that extra speed to reach the end line or complete a counterattack. This can radically change the game’s dynamics and pro players’ strategies.

4) New attack tactics

Tactics - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Tactics

Image: Disclosure/EA

The tactics system is becoming more important every year and, in FIFA 22, it will gain even more possibilities. The priorities are the attacking formations, which will gain new options to ensure the correct positioning of players according to the outlined strategy.


5) Complete team customization

Customization - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Customization

Image: Disclosure/EA

The classic Career Mode has been a bit forgotten in recent years, as the focus of AND THE was the improvement of FUT. Now, he arrives with some changes requested by players for many years.

The main novelty is the complete customization of teams, with the possibility to build your team from scratch, just like in the golden days of the late Winning Eleven. It will be possible to create uniforms, customize shields and even stadiums with flags, grandstand size and different styles of grass.

To ensure an experience just the way you dream, it will be possible to define how much money the club has, the level of pressure for results, average age of the team in the generation of fictitious players and several other variables.

6) New progression system

Tree - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Skill Tree

Image: Disclosure/EA

A new progression system will accompany these visual changes and give a greater sense of evolution season after season.

As a coach, it will be possible to complete collective goals with the team game by game, as if they were missions. By completing them, you gain levels that make it possible to improve the quality of training and the responses of the soccer players on the field.

As an athlete, in another variation of the mode, you’ll be able to evolve in your own way, through an unprecedented skill tree, which looks like something out of a modern RPG. There will be several branches, which go through all the key attributes of a star player, such as kicking and passing.

There are also the so-called “perks”, which guarantee skills for collective use that improve their quality when playing as a team.

7) New locker room animations

Dressing Room - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Locker Room

Image: Disclosure/EA

To increase career immersion, new endgame animations were created, reflecting well the mood after a win or loss. You will be able to see the team’s celebration, the walk off the field and much more.


8) Heroes

Herois - Press Release/EA - Press Release/EA

FIFA 22: Heroes

Image: Disclosure/EA

It remains to talk about FUT, the most popular and competitive mode. Playing a lot will bring good rewards, such as packs that will give cards from current players and legends who have retired. And we’ll have some additions, like Heroes.

Heroes are a new variation of cards, similar to Icons from previous editions. Several aces that marked an epoch were chosen. Each will have a different rapport with the team, taking into account other Heroes in the team and in the league.

9) Stadium customization

Stadium - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Stadium

Image: Disclosure/EA

Stadium customization has reached another level, with various items you can insert into your domains to impress rivals. “Bandeirões”, mascot statues, specific fences – it’s a lot to leave your team’s home with your face.

10) Seasons and ranking system

Season - Disclosure/EA - Disclosure/EA

FIFA 22: Seasons

Image: Disclosure/EA

Fut Rivals will arrive with a new system of seasons and rankings, in the best matchmaking style of MOBA.

Each season, you will be rewarded for the number of games you play, not the number of wins. By reaching goals in a progression system similar to a season pass, you’ll earn increasingly rare packs. So, depending on the level reached at the end of the season, the rewards are well worth it.

The ranking system works in the classic mode popularized by MOBAs: you level up when you win a game and go down when you lose. Also, there will be checkpoints during your progression that don’t let you fall beyond the milestones you’ve reached.

Finally, more news may come soon in modes like Volta, which has yet to be officially unveiled.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the changes and if you believe FIFA 22 will make people talk.


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