12 year old boy becomes millionaire selling whale and invisible rock cartoon NFT is sold for 66 Ethereum

12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed became a millionaire selling a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) he created. The collection is made up of 3,350 pixelated whales in the CryptoPunks style.

Ahmed’s creation was so successful that digital whales were sold out in less than 9 hours. In total, the boy earns 80 ETH from the sale of NFTs and another 30 ETH only with royalties on each subsequent trade of NFTs sold.

Ahmed reveals that he spent about US$300 to lie and list the NFTs and that although he is a millionaire, he does not intend to withdraw the ETHs, but rather to invest in new ones in the future. collections and projects, one of them a set of Minecraft-inspired NFTs and the other of superheroes.

“I intend to keep all my ETH and not convert it into fiat currency. It may be early proof that, in the future, not everyone will need a bank account, but only an Ethereum address and a virtual wallet”, said the young man.

White square NFT raises 66 ETH

Another NFT sale that caught the attention of the cryptocurrency market recently was the work “Invisible Rock”, created by the EtherInvisibleRock profile. According to the profile, the invisible rock collection is generated “non-geometrically” and only 100 invisible rocks will be created.

The collection has already raised more than 66 ETH, including sales and royalties, and one of the works, “Invisible Rock n 1” was sold for 10 ETH at OpenSea.

And when the creator says invisible, it’s because it’s invisible… Check it out:


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