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The 50th anniversary of Unimed Uberlândia is celebrated as the city celebrates its 133th anniversary. The trajectory of the medical cooperative, founded in 1971, began when Uberlândia took important steps towards its current strength.

At the time, with just over 126,000 inhabitants and managed by then-mayor Virgílio Galassi, the Municipal Human Development Index (HDI-M) was considered high by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the city grew at a higher rate to the rest of the country.

Tosta and Virgílio — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

First headquarters — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

Today we are proud of this Uberlândia with 700 thousand inhabitants and with the highest HDI-M in the interior of Minas Gerais. We are part of this story. And our way of honoring the city is taking good care of people, with committed professionals, a network that provides excellence in health services and programs to encourage sports and healthy habits and behaviors to live better.

50 years ago, our founders played a fundamental role in consolidating Unimed Uberlândia’s vocation to take care of the population’s health. A historical survey, carried out recently by the cooperative, reveals that its path intersects with the first steps of medicine and even with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in the city.

Founded by a group of 52 doctors at the Medical Society’s headquarters, the cooperative was named MEDIMINAS – Regional Cooperative Society of Triângulo Mineiro and Alto Paranaíba, to provide medical and hospital services Ltda. – the Unimed embryo.

Medical society — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

Cooperative — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

Cooperative — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

Many of its founders were pioneering entrepreneurs in the construction of the city’s hospital network and figure on the founding board of the Uberlândia School of Medicine and Surgery, which would later become the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU).

Years later, as Unimed Uberlândia, it became one of the largest medical cooperatives in the country and currently brings together around 900 cooperative doctors.

From the research commissioned to celebrate its golden jubilee, hundreds of pages and hours of video recording were transformed into a commemorative book, with a broad timeline of the company and, consequently, of the municipality, with the main milestones of this trajectory, decade the decade; vast audio visual material, as well as pieces for digital media.

New headquarters work — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

New headquarters — Photo: Unimed Uberlândia Memory Center

The work also includes interviews with doctors and doctors who worked at different stages of Unimed Uberlândia, statements from former counselors, employees and consultants. Professionals who, in some way, participated in the construction of this legacy that completes 50 years in 2021.

Relics such as interviews with founders, former presidents and cooperative number 1, Reny Cury, old photos and even the founding minutes of the cooperative registered in 1971 are part of the very rich collection that is now preserved by Unimed Uberlândia.

The preservation of part of this memory was like a gift to the city and so we can say: congratulations Uberlândia, for 133 years! Count on Unimed Uberlândia to take care of the health of its people.

Uberlândia 133 years old - Unimed

Uberlândia 133 years old – Unimed