A 50-year-old woman dies of rhabdomyolysis in the Amazon; cases are investigated

Manaus/AM – A 50-year-old woman, whose name was not disclosed, became the first victim of rhabdomyolysis, known as black urine disease, in Itacoatiara, in the interior of Amazonas. She died this Saturday (28), at Hospital José Mendes.

According to the Department of Health of Amazonas (SES-AM), the victim died around 2 am. Later today, SES is expected to issue a note with more details.

According to the Foundation for Health Surveillance of Amazonas (FVS-RCP), there are 24 reported cases of the disease in Itacoatiara. There are two other cases in Caapiranga and Manaus.

According to the coordinator of the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS/FVS-RCP), Liane Souza, the outbreak in Itacoatiara was confirmed for rhabdomyolysis, with no record of serious cases and deaths from the disease.

“All patients have clinical and laboratory results compatible with the disease. The clinical picture of all hospitalized in Itacoatiara and Manaus remains mild, but requires assisted care”, explained Liane.


Rhabdomyolysis is a clinical-laboratory syndrome that results from muscle injury with the release of intracellular substances into the bloodstream. It usually occurs in healthy people, following trauma, excessive physical activity, seizures, consumption of alcohol and other drugs, infections and ingestion of contaminated food that includes fish.

The clinical picture of the disease may include asymptomatic elevations of serum muscle enzymes (creatinine-phosphokinase – CPK).

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