After the Supreme Court postponed the trial, five thousand indigenous people dismantle tents on the Esplanade

posted on 08/29/2021 06:10

  (credit: CARL DE SOUZA)

(credit: CARL DE SOUZA)

After the postponement of the judgment of the time frame in demarcation of indigenous lands being postponed by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) for this week, the camp formed by members of ethnic groups from all over the country, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, began to be dismantled yesterday. At its peak, the mobilization reached more than six thousand indigenous people. Yesterday, at least 5,000 packed their bags and headed back to their homeland, leaving only about 1,000 in the capital.

The leaders want to keep the mobilization in Brasília at least until September 1st, when the Supreme Court judgment is expected to resume. But financial resources and food have been the great obstacle, which has driven thousands of indigenous people away. The remaining ones will now be concentrated in the surroundings of the Funarte Cultural Complex, in the Monumental Axis.

Yesterday at the camp, indigenous people were carrying pieces of wood and taking belongings to moving trucks. By 4 pm, most of the tents and tents had already been dismantled. In a sort of central corridor, an indigenous person was carrying a lapel microphone. While a colleague held a smartphone, the first made a video appeal for food donations.


Kerexu Yxapyry, leader of the Mbya-Guarani people of Santa Catarina, explained that organizers had expected the STF trial to take place last week. With the postponement, it was necessary to find new ways to maintain the camp. According to her, the agreement with the government of Brasília was for the indigenous people to remain beside the National Theater until this weekend. Therefore, there is a need to move to another space.

“Yesterday (Friday) we talked to the people responsible for these spaces and we managed to stay in the Funarte space until September 1st”, he explained. She also detailed that most of the indigenous people left yesterday. “From my people, 600 people came. Most are leaving and we will be left with 150 people.”

In addition, the lack of food — since the movement depends on donations — was the main reason for the withdrawal. “Many people work, many need to stay here with food, many have family at home and many people live far away, needing to travel for weeks. This is the main reason, the food issue. We’re mobilizing, we’re pooling with friends and supporters to stay here,” he said.