Alagoas gas stations are broken, owners say

It is increasingly expensive to refuel vehicles at gas stations in Alagoas. With the constant rises in refineries and, as a result of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and State Communication (ICMS), owners of gas stations claim they are broke. The constant rises announced worry businessmen in the sector.

“All prices have been increasing non-stop for two years now. The sale price of fuels, today, is a question in the market, with gasoline being sold at 5.99, diesel at 4.99 and ethanol you can find at any price, you even find it at 5 reais, which it is not possible to understand how, since I buy ethanol at 5.20”, says Wellington Alves.

Currently, entrepreneurs buy Ethanol for R$ 5.20, Regular Gasoline for R$ 5.76 and Diesel for R$ 4.58.

“In relation to ICMS, the government, the secretary is saying that the value of fuel taxes has not increased. This is to call others an imbecile because, the thing is, we pay 30% of ICMS on the price of gasoline. So gasoline, per liter, was R$3.50, 30% of that amount was one real. Today, gasoline is six reais, with a 30% increase in the tax, the tax jumped to 1.80. “, adds Wellington Alves.

With the constant highs, many consumers gave up their vehicles and others, as already reported in Gazeta articles, prefer not to fill their tanks anymore. The average for regular gasoline at the service stations is R$ 5.99.

“The stations are all broken because the consumer can’t bear to pay more than that and we’re living with twenty to thirty cents of profit. He doesn’t pay the bills, employees or anything. The gas stations are all broken,” says Alves.

Another owner, João Cox reports that there is no federal tax for Diesel, but that there is a state tax for this fuel. “We are buying Diesel at 4.58 and selling it on an 8% to 9% margin. We had another increase last Tuesday.”

João also says that if a station has 20 gas station attendants, “they have to sell 200,000 liters of fuel just to pay for them, and that aside from the other costs. The energy is expensive. We had to take out loans to try for a light and we hope things get better this season.”

In May, Gazeta presented data on the increase in ICMS, GOVERNMENT OF ALAGOAS INCREASED BY MORE THAN 18% ICMS ON GASOLINE, noting that from January to May this year, the government of Alagoas has already increased the base by 18.9% calculation of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) levied on gasoline in the State. In addition, the government currently uses a value 15 cents more than the average value to calculate the gasoline tax. Currently, the ICMS rate on fuel in Alagoas is 29%.

This percentage is charged based on a Weighted Average Price to the Final Consumer, the so-called PMPF, which in January 2021 was R$4.91 for gasoline in Alagoas and is now R$5.84, therefore, 18, 9% high. In addition, the average value of R$ 5.84 used by the government of Alagoas to calculate ICMS on gasoline is 15 cents higher than the average value measured by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), which is of BRL 5.69.