Alinne Moraes suggests that Cauã Reymond uses “app” to edit the six pack’s photo

Ex-girlfriend of the global heartthrob, Alinne Moraes caused on the internet. In a joke with Cauã Reymond – they will be together in the soap opera Um Lugar ao Sol – she suggested that the actor uses an “app” to edit the photos.

Cauã decided to post a photo showing the six pack and the corpão. Alinne then went to play in the comments. She wrote: “What is the app?”.


Fans enjoyed the interaction between the two ex-boyfriends. “I wanted to be like you,” commented a follower.

Alinne, in an interview with the newspaper O Globo, said that she has a great relationship with Cauã Reymond, even after the end of the relationship. According to her, working with her ex-boyfriend is always a good option.

“It’s funny that we recognize each other in many moments, the look… at the soap opera, that’s great. It will generate extra public interest, pique people’s curiosity. We started the readings, the preparation and we established a new relationship, a new partnership, and thanks to my husband”, said Alinne.