América-MG beats Ceará and surpasses Grêmio in the Brazilian table – 08/29/2021

América-MG received Ceará at the Independência stadium, in a match valid for the 18th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, and won 2-0, with a great performance by Fabrício Daniel, who scored both goals of the match.

The result makes the team from Minas Gerais reach 18 points and reach the 17th place, thus surpassing Grêmio in the table. The stumbling block maintains Vozão with 24 points, in eighth place.

In the next round, América-MG will face Athletico-PR, on September 11, since the duel with São Paulo was postponed. A very similar situation that Ceará is facing, as it faces Grêmio, on the 12th, due to the fact that the confrontation with Palmeiras also has its date changed.

VAR confirms disallowed goal

At 16 minutes of the first half, Ceará came to tie with William Oliveira, after a free kick by Vina, but Raphael Claus invalidated the bid.

After a certain delay, the referee was called by the VAR to analyze, and after the check was confirmed the illegal movement of Fabinho, who touched the ball with his hand just before the goal.

Who did well: Fabricio Daniel

The highlight of the game is Fabrício Daniel, who opened the scoring after five minutes of the match thanks to his fearless attitude of infiltrating Ceará’s defense even with few close teammates.

In the second stage, he was opportunistic and extended América’s advantage with a low kick inside the area, after a corner kick taken by the right side.

Who was wrong: Ribamar

The forward from the Minas Gerais team didn’t appear much in the match, even with Coelho having control of the match. When he became a highlight, it was on the downside as he hit badly and wasted a penalty kick in the 23rd minute of the second half.

America-MG performance

The team led by coach Vágner Mancini managed to control the entire first half, creating more and making it difficult for Ceará to leave the ball.

In the second stage, the pace was the same and, in addition to increasing the advantage, he had real chances to leave Independência with a rout in his favor.

Performance of Ceará

The team led by Guto Ferreira encountered difficulties throughout the first stage, especially in the transition to the offensive sector, as the midfield of Ceará was not having an inspired afternoon.

The team was unable to get rid of the Minas Gerais marking at any time during the match. With that, he was dominated and almost left the state of Minas Gerais with a rout “in the back”.

game history

The match started very busy and after five minutes the hosts were already ahead on the scoreboard. Fabrício Daniel received a pass in the midfield and passed by the opponents until reaching the entrance of the area, when he kicked hard, with no chances for goalkeeper Richard.

The team from Minas Gerais continued with the greatest possession of the ball even with the advantage on the marker. The rabbit used its speed players well and Ceará had difficulty in avoiding the attacks, needing to resort to fouls many times to impede the advance.

The second stage was similar, with the owners of the house better than the team from Ceará. On minute 15, Fabrício Daniel appeared inside the area, left the opponent’s mark and scored his second goal in the game, increasing Coelho’s advantage.

A short time later, América-MG was very close to scoring the third, but forward Ribamar wasted the penalty kick, saved by goalkeeper Richard.


Competition: 18th round of the Brazilian Series A Championship
Date: 08/29
Hour: 11:00 am (Brasilia)
Local: Independência stadium, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Raphael Claus (SP)
Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse and Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (SP)
VAR: Pericles Bassols Pegado Cortez (SP)
Yellow cards: Fabricio Daniel (America-MG); Jael (Ceará)
Goals: Fabrício Daniel at 05 minutes into the first half and 15 minutes into the second half

America-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Ricardo Silva, Anderson Jesus and Lucas Kal; Patric, Juninho, Ademir and Marlon (João Paulo); Fabrício Daniel (Juninho Valoura), Felipe Azevedo (Marcelo Toscano) and Ribamar (Berrío). Technician: Vágner Mancini.

Ceará: Richard; Fabinho (Marlon), Messias, Luiz Otávio and Bruno Pacheco (Kelvyn); Fernando Sobral, William Oliveira (Gabriel Dias), Rick (Erick), Lima and Vina; Cleber (Jael). Technician: Guto Ferreira.