Anatel and Ancine start crusade against pirated TV Box sets

The siege is starting to close for the pirated TVs in Brazil. After several seizures of the IRS of unapproved devices, now it’s time for National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) fight this crime. For this, they will have the support of National Film Agency (Ancine). This partnership had already been announced at the beginning of August.

According to information released by Tecnoblog, Ancine will produce a list of equipment and software used for pirated IPTV and other illicit ways to open channels. According to the website, an official letter was issued by Anatel’s Certification and Numbering Management requesting monthly data regarding new technologies. Among the TV Box devices mentioned are Azamerica, BTV, HTV, Red Play and My TV Box.

The list sent by Ancine has more than one hundred TV Box variations, all without Anatel approval. In addition, the listing also features illegal transmission software. Among the apps are AZTV, Brazil TV, Red Play, Silver TV and live TV.

In the document, the Coordinator for Combating Piracy at Ancine, Eduardo Luiz Perfeito Carneiro, explains that these devices and services are also violating copyright. Importantly, most also offer a catalog of movies and series on demand, such as Netflix and HBO Max. However, all content is taken from other streaming services.

closing the siege

In addition to Anatel and Ancine, the Internal Revenue Service always makes apprehensions of pirated TV Boxes. At the end of July, a joint operation with Anatel yielded approximately 40 thousand handsets at the Port of Santos. The cargo has an estimated value of R$16 million.

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Another point analyzed is that Anatel carries out its own blocking of pirated IPTV sites in Brazil. According to Carneiro, there are studies to implement a system of administrative suspension of IPTV pirate sites, even before the copyright holders have to request the judicial block. The idea is for this suspension to be made by Anatel.

Currently, when a pirated IPTV system, website or application is detected in Brazil, copyright holders, such as studios, broadcasters or producers, need to file a lawsuit requesting that such illegal platform be taken down. Typically, there is a very long time lag before the action is approved and an operation is initiated to bring that site down, which benefits only the offenders.


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Via: Techblog