Andressa Suita shows children with a R$30,000 toy in her mansion

Model Andressa Suita surprised by showing her children with luxurious toys at the family mansion

The model Andressa Suita impressed by showing their children with the singer Gusttavo Lima, the boys Gabriel, four years old, and Samuel, three years old, in a very luxurious moment! She showed the boys playing in the luxurious family mansion in Goiás.

She showed the boys each playing with their electric cart in the gardens of the family mansion in Goiás. One of the boys appeared with a yellow electric cart valued at around four thousand reais! And the other little one appeared with a cart valued at around two thousand reais! How chic right?!

Internet users were only praise for the children of Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita. “I love to see these two!” commented a netizen. And another netizen said: “What love these boys! I love your family!”.

And a netizen also said: “These children live in a paradise! What a blessing this family of yours!”. Another internet user also stated: “How beautiful! Will I ever meet these princes?!”.

Andressa Suita even impressed by showing his children another very luxurious toy in the family mansion. It showed the boys having fun with a racing simulator, each of the little ones appearing on one of the simulator’s steering wheels.

A toy like this usually costs around 30 thousand reais, so it is much more common in specialized stores, those where children need to buy chips to use the toys. But cute Gabriel and Samuel have one of these in their mansion! What a luxury right?!

Recently, Andressa showed a reflection she made on motherhood. She said: “A good mother has great days and bad days. Normal days and crushing days. Perfect days and difficult days. Super mom and just mom days. Mother’s days of great love and real mother’s days. There are crazy mother days. I enjoy crazy mother days. A good mother is a real mother…”.

Andressa Suita's children with luxury toys

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